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See us at EAA AirVenture 2022:  Be sure to check out our panel discussion on Monday, July, 25 at 8:30 in Forum 9, "Optimizing the Impossible Turn Decision".  We will show the data we have collected from the pilots across the US and discuss what it means.

NEWS: We have added a new Analysis section showing a few of the planes we have recorded and what we are finding out about their ability to return to our "standard" 4,000 ft runway on a windless day.

We have also interviewed Ed Frye, a pilot who recently lost power around 400 feet and was able to successfully return his plane to the airport.  The analysis of his flight is found here.

NEWS: Since Charlie Precourt's article in the May 2021 issue of EAA Sport Aviation we are getting a great response from pilots across the country. Pilots have been asking for the procedure to record their turnbacks at a safe altitude.   They have each received reports showing their plane's capabilities and their skills.  To measure your plane, click on the Download Turnback Procedure below and get the procedure. The program is no-cost and will help improve general aviation safety.

As seen in an EAA Webinar:

If a pilot loses power during takeoff, especially at a municipal airport, they instantly face two high-risk options. Glide forward and risk landing in the suburbs. Or turn back to the runway and risk not making it. Watch this interesting one-hour presentation on the topic of how a pilot can know what their best option is, regardless of the altitude it happens.

Turnback Research

Our team is currently working to better understand how pilots can determine their best options in the event of a loss of power on takeoff. This includes better training and preflight planning.  Knowing whether to turn back or not and preventing stalls during the maneuvers is our focus. To gather data on various planes and pilots, we are asking pilots across the country to record their attempts at a turnback using a procedure performed at safe altitudes.

Record your turnback safely!

The project is currently seeking flight data from pilots across the country to improve its analysis.  If you would like to know if your plane could perform a turnback to the runway and would like to share your data with this project, we will send you a visualization of your turnback and plots of your flight.